Tuition & Fees

CalCC Education is an investment that will pay off throughout the course of your life, both financially and personally.


Academic ESL Program Tuition:
$895/Session (4-weeks)

Professional ESL Program Tuition:
$895/Session (4-weeks)

Conversation in Culture Program:
$645/Session (4-weeks)

Tuition for 3 sessions together:

Application fee


(Initial / International) Non-refundable


(Transfer or Local) Non-refundable

SEVIS I-901 fee:


Non-refundable paid to USCIS

Credit Card Fee:



International Express Mail Fee:



Tuition due dates 2022




Last day for payment without penalty

1st Quarter

January 3

January 31

February 28

January 28

February 25

March 25

January 10

February 4

March 4

2nd Quarter

April 4

May 2

May 31

April 29

May 27

June 24

April 8

May 6

June 3

3rd Quarter

July 5

August 1

August 29

July 29

August 26

September 23

July 8

August 5

September 2

4th Quarter

October 3

October 31

November 28

October 28

November 23

December 23

October 7

November 4

December 2

LATE FEE: Tuition is due by the 5th day of each session. After this date a late fee of $50 will be charged.

“When you decide to study abroad you are taking a big step into your future!”

important information


International students must have proof of health and accident insurance. CalCC can help students to obtain health insurance in U.S.

Medical care in the United States is extremely costly, so most people have health insurance to cover the high cost of health care. Medical insurance is a “MUST” for all F-1 students. If you would like more information regarding Student Health Insurance, please speak to CalCC Administrative Assistants or check out the following websites.

CISI - Cultural Insurance Services International
(203) 399-5121 / 399-5596

International Student Organization Compass Health Insurance

International Student Insurance

Methods of Payment

CalCC accepts cash, wire transfer, checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

If you are planning to send the application fees through wire transfer please ask us the Bank Information through our email:

Personal Check

Make checks payable to California College of Communications. Deliver in person or send to:

700 West Hamilton Avenue, 2nd Floor
Campbell, CA 95008 USA

Please make sure to include your full name, current address and phone number on the face of the check. To help process your payment and ensure that you receive proper credit, please include your student ID number on the check. See returned check policy.

Returned Check/Charge Policy

• Admissions and Records will notify students by email if their check or credit card payment is returned for any reason.

• A “returned check/payment hold” will be placed on all accounts which will block student’s ability to add/drop classes, obtain grades or transcripts, or any other records or registration service.

• To remove the hold, the original payment plus $25 returned item charge must be received.

Credit Card

There is a credit card fee of $ 15 per transaction.

Discount Rate

You can pay 3 months together ($870/month). The refund issued will be based on the regular monthly tuition fee, not on the discounted rate paid by the student.

other fees

Books: $ 180 per 3 months
Transcripts (2nd copy): $ 10
Airport Transfer - SFO Aiport: $ 35 / San Jose Airport: $ 50

minimum term of registration

Once the student is registered at CalCC he/she is academically recommended to complete minimum ONE full quarter of study. During this time they can still transfer to another program by following the school’s rules and SEVIS regulations for transfer.

Student’s I-20 will reflect the start and end dates according to this term.

A student who wants to transfer must maintain status by attending classes until the transfer release date.

If an F-1 student decides to transfer in the middle of a term his/her start date of the transfer-in school has to be within 15 days.

Transfer or Leave

Students are requested to submit a written notice to CalCC, by the 5 th day of the session (yellow form or email), informing us that they intend to transfer or to leave the school.


Please see the Enrollment Agreement and/or Student Handbook for details about Refunds.